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Sea Scout Base wins award

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We were pleased to hear that Sea Scout Base in Galveston, Texas was awarded the Houston Business Journal’s “Landmark Award for Architecture.” Goodwin worked with esteemed architect Dan Shipley, milling to spec the heartpine engineered VINTAGE floor used as wainscoting in the dining hall.

We enjoy partnering with building design professionals on high end projects and sustainable architecture. The Sea Scout Base venture involved quite an innovative use of our products and to our knowledge, this is the first use of our Precision Engineered flooring as wainscoting material.

Congratulations Jeffrey and Megan!

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Last weekend, our Marketing Coordinator Jeffrey and his lovely wife Megan celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary in Cedar Key, Florida. While there, they visited the St. Clair Whitman House at the Cedar Key State Museum. Although Jeffrey was away on pleasure, he could not resist taking these photographs of Goodwin’s wood in the home:

Last year, Dale Kendrick with the Florida Park Service repaired several sections of flooring in the St. Clair Whitman House using Goodwin’s LEGACY heart pine. Jeffrey’s photos not only show the contrast of the new wood to old, but also illustrate how well the material marries together as a whole. The wood is featured in the front entrance, kitchen and on some of the wainscot in the dining room.

If you are ever on Cedar Key, be sure to stop by and check it out!

Hmmm…. I am considering giving Jeffrey an afternoon off to take his wife to an early dinner and movie since he found a way to “work” on his anniversary weekend…

Congratulations, Jeffrey and Megan. And, thank you for the wonderful photographs!

Kiln Drying – The “Inside” Secrets

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Have you ever wondered what happens inside the dry kiln? Well, Goodwin’s own Andrew St. James answers that exact question in the latest edition of Hardwood Floors Magazine:

15-04- 146

Here are some additional photos for you to enjoy!

Our “Gentle Giant” Continues to Evolve!

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We were excited to have an opportunity to work with Florida Crotchwood Mobile Sawmill. Paula and Randy came out to Goodwin and helped George saw 3″ thick, four-foot wide and 10-foot long River-Recovered Heart Cypress slabs off the end of our “Gentle Giant”.

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Modern Antique

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Remember this beauty?

See previous post about this log

Since we don’t come across logs of this magnitude very often, our marketing coordinator Jeffrey thought it might be neat to re-create a classic photo from the 1800s depicting loggers posing with a fresh cut giant cypress back in the day.

Jeffrey staged our staff around the log in the exact positions as the 1800s loggers.  We think it is a spectacular modern-day replica.  What do you think?